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General Questions

    What can I do with my domain name if I don’t own a hosting account?

    If you own a domain name you will be able to:

    • change the WHOIS contact information associated with your domain name.
    • forward any emails from anything@yourdomain.com to an email of your choice (me@hotmail.com). This is especially useful if you wish to receive email through a more professional email address.
    • Lock your domain name – This prevents others pretending that they own your domain and requesting a transfer to another company.
    • change the name servers on your domain. This will allow you to use your domain name with another web hosting company if you’d like.

    You may also wish to register a domain name to secure it before someone else does.

    Do I need a domain name to publish a website?

    Yes, if you wish for your website to be a success. Without a domain name the only way for visitors around the world to access your site would be via an IP address. There are many reasons why this isn’t a good idea, just a couple of them are:

    • Giving out your web hosting account’s IP address can be a big security issue.
    • Your website visitors are less likely to remember an IP address than they are to remember a domain name.
    • Search engines will rarely index pages of a website that doesn’t use a domain name, so users are unlikely to find your website on Google, Bing, or other search engines.

    Please note that you will also need a web hosting account if you wish to publish your own website. A web hosting account is used to store your files and the domain name is used as a means of accessing your website without the need to remember an IP address.

    How do I become eligible for a free domain registration?

    A single domain registration is included free with annual enrollment in SuperPlotz or PremiumPlotz hosting packages only (a $12.95 value). This offer applies to both New registrations and inbound transfers. This offer is valid for the following TLDs only:
    .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .US

    The yearly domain registration will not be charged as long as the eligible related hosting plan remains active.
    If the plan becomes inactive at any point during the registration year, you will be charged for that year’s registration.


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