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TRUSTe Certified Privacy

You’ve spent a great deal of time and effort keeping your private information just that way… PRIVATE. Here at HappyPlotz, we respect that privacy and aim to help you keep your sensitive data away from prying eyes. That’s why we partnered with TRUSTe, the world’s leading data privacy management company to ensure that our privacy […]


The Importance of Domain Name Registration

Now, we all know the reason why a domain name is an important tool for your personal blog or small business. It helps users easily find your website on the internet by name. More professional-looking email addresses. You gain a modicum of control over what is displayed when people search for you. You prevent others […]


Hello World!

To website developers, the phrase “Hello World!” is much more than a greeting. Typically, when learning a new programming language, a “Hello World” program is written to familiarize one’s self with the semantics and syntax. Typically, these are very entry level exercises that can be easy understood and interpreted by those unfamiliar with this new […]